Sunday, October 30, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending October 30, 2022

Politics  dominated much of the week's most read items, with the last City Council session for the current membership arriving,  a gathering that provided for two of our five top items of the week.

Council's approval of plans to seek out grant funding for design work on the Second Avenue reconfiguration, along with the farewell comments for Council from Mayor Brain and Councillor Mirau caught the most attention from the Monday session,

Another civic item, that a tender call for some renovations on the Sherman GM facility on Portage Road also gained a larger readership.

A visit to the North Coast from NDP leader Jagmeet Singh also proved to be a widely read item.

And our stop by the construction site of the New Jehovah Witness Hall adjacent to the Civic Centre was also an item which delivered some strong readership over the last seven days.

From the weeks review however, the top item was our review of Council's approval to see out grant opportunities for a roads reconfiguration project for the city's main transportation artery through the downtown region.

Second Avenue Reconfiguration design plans to move forward; as Council approves quest for Grant funding -- There seemingly is much interest in the City's plans for Second Avenue, with our notes from Monday's Council session and our preview of the topic, both gaining large audiences this week.    (posted  October 26, 2022)

That article was followed by: 

City of Prince Rupert Opens Tender process for Public Works facility work on Chamberlain    -- Some forward momentum for the City's plans to move their Public Works facility to the Yellowed Centre, with the first tender document issued this week.   (posted October 27, 2022)

New Democrats set to gather  Friday in Prince Rupert for NDP fundraiser featuring Federal leader Jagmeet Singh   -- There was some curiosity towards the plans of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and MP Taylor Bachrach and their trip to Prince Rupert this week. The travelling duo had a change in plans following their Friday work in Prince Rupert, dropping plans for a trip to Haida Gwaii with a trip to Terrace instead added to the Travel agenda on Saturday.    (posted October 25 , 2022) .
New Jehovah Witness Hall moving along in construction. process   -- Readers must like to hear about projects making progress, our brief look at the status of the new Jehovah Witness fall at 9th Avenue West and McBride found a large audience this week.    (posted  October 24, 2022)

Praise for Council members and Staff, call to stay with 2030 Vision plans as Lee Brain bids farewell tl the Mayor's office --  With the final council session arriving for the current roster of Council members, Both the departing Mayor Lee Brain, and Councillor Blair Mirau had some parting thoughts for their colleagues on Monday.  (posted October 26, 2022) .

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