Friday, September 15, 2023

CityWest in partnership with the Strathcona Communications Company prepares to add Gold River to their service area

The Third Avenue West offices for Prince Rupert's CityWest 

CityWest the rapidly expanding communication company owned by the City of Prince Rupert has outlined a new venture with their partners on Vancouver Island, the latest project one that will bring services to the community of Gold River.

The update relayed this week through the CityWest social media stream, notes of how City West and Strathcona Regional District leveraged their partnership to add Gold River to the list of communities that will be served by their partnership company Strathcona Communications Corporation.

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Few other details were  released in the social media notes to expand on how that leverage process works, a timeline for the service to start, or what cost there is to the partnership towards provision of the services. 

Gold River is located in the central region of Vancouver Island west of Campbell River.

CityWest has had a busy summer of announcements towards Vancouver Island acquisitions and service planning, with recent advisories related to the purchase of the Ragged Edge Community Network  and community providers on Texada Island.

The partnership between the two organizations was recently profiled on the Strathcona Regional District social media stream, noting  of the ongoing work of the Connected Coast program,.

According to the timeline for the Connected Coast program, the partnership is roughly two thirds of the way towards project completion which is anticipated for some time in 2024.

More on the Connected Coast initiative can be reviewed here .

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  1. Gold River gets fiber and in Prince Rupert I can't, yet my taxes subsidies Gold River customers!

    1. Actually Citywest subsidizes your taxes and not Gold Rivrrs

    2. Imagine some might suggest that until the outstanding loans of the past are paid out ... they're not really subsidizing anything of the sort. NCR

    3. And some might suggest that it’s strange you didn’t allow them the chance to continue peddling that misinformation, you decided to spread it yourself

    4. Well, there's always the opportunity for a presentation on the future and the past of the 'distribution' payment program at City Council. They just gave EcoTrust 20 minutes on heat pumps last Monday, surely they could spare a few for the city owned communication company to relay the direction and what the owners may expect? NCR

    5. Considering there will be 26 kms of digging around town for the next three years. It would be a great time for City West to join the conversation and update Rupert residents on how they plan to lay fibre to complete the local Fibre to Home project.

      Internet is infrastructure too.

      The fact that Rupert does not have fibre is yet another deficit our community faces.

      Pretty sure the last project update provided was on this blog. What year was that?