Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Conservatives, NDPers provide for campaign like ambience in post Poilievre visit period

Last week's short haul tour of the Northwest for Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has served to amp up some of the volume on federal politics for the region, with his tour of Smithers and Terrace last Thursday energizing the base for both Conservative supporters and in a way for those who support incumbent Skeena-Valley MP Taylor Bachrach.

Pierre Poilievre in Terrace last week at one of two rallies in the NW

Once underway,  the tour which included visits to industry, small businesses and the two rallies of note, gained some attention from some of the region's media providers, as well as to provide for a back and forth on record checking for the two political parties.

That political device was opened by Mr. Bachrach, who as we outlined last week had compiled a voting record by the Conservative leader, touching on the themes that he likely believes will be hot button issues in the federal campaign to come ahead.

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That list gained a rebuttal from the local Skeena-Bulkley Valley Conservatives, who also found some votes by the incumbent MP that they believe would interest the voters come election day.

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While the Conservatives and NDP conduct a session of point - counterpoint through social media, the other two prominent players in Federal elections seem off the political grid for the most part.

The Skeena-Bulkley Valley Liberal page hasn't been dusted off since May of 2022.

Likewise, the Green Party of Canada social media stream is staying out of the political fray for the moment.

While the clock has yet to start on an actual election campaign which technically could still be two years away; the NDP and the Conservatives are clearly making their marks early, giving them quite the jump on the others to woo voters.

For the Liberals and Greens, keeping out of the discussion could make them mostly an afterthought when the main event gets underway.

Most of the focus for the Conservatives is in the Bulkley and Skeena Valley, where the party and their leader seems to resonate at the moment. 

To this point Mr. Poilievre has not pushed the Northwest campaign past the Kitsumkalaum gas bar to Prince Rupert and area.

Perhaps once they have a candidate nominated, the Conservatives will make the ninety minute drive west.

Mr. Bachrach as the local MP is more familiar to the North Coast, with frequent visits on constituency themes and other narratives, so for now the local advantage is his.

Now that Parliament is back in session, it's likely that the Conservatives will be watching every statement with interest, seeking out areas where they may be able  to move the voters to their side of the ledger.

More on the Federal scene can be found from our archive page.


  1. There's something unsettling about the clenched fist salute. What's with that, defiance, anger, aggression?

    1. Don't create an issue where none exists.

      Take a look at the photo of Jagmeet in this article and get back to me.


  2. Votes are up for grabs in this riding come election time.
    Maybe the conservatives feel they can take the riding without PR because PR voters never show up at the polls?

    Here are previous election results