Friday, September 29, 2023

Robert Nelson the choice for Chief Councillor for Metlakatla First Nation voters

The 2023 Metlakatla First Nation Council vote concluded at 8 PM tonight, and once the paper ballots from Metlakatla, Prince Rupert, along with the Electronic and Mail in versions were counted, voters had selected Robert Nelson as their next Chief.

The victor is now set to take office from the long standing and now retiring Chief Harold Leighton who had held the position of leadership for over 36 years.

Mr. Nelson came out of the balloting atop a list of five other contenders which included Randall Cobb who had come close to taking the position in 2019;  as well the Chief Councillor election included nominees Braden Etzertza, Darcy Nelson, and Reid Skelton Morven.

The New Chief Councillor will be joined on the Council by six members:

Alvin Leask, Erika Leighton and Sharon Morven  were elected as On-Reserve Councillors.

Alrita Leask, Miranada Leighton and Charlene McLean will serve as the elected Off-Resrve Councillors.

Of the six, only Ms. Leask, Mr. Leask and Ms. Leighton are incumbents from the Council elected in 2019.

The results were released a few hours after the 8 PM closing time for the vote.

No vote count totals were released as of yet, as part of the information provided by the First Nations election organizers.

In their statement on the Election results, Metlakatla officials note that the new office holders will assume their duties within fourteen days of today's poll, once they have singed their Oath of Office.

Metlakatla residents and voters are using the social media posting of the results, to relay their congratulations to those who found success and their thanks for those who stood for office.

You can access further notes from Metlakatla from their Social Media Stream here.

A look back at some of our past 2023 Election notes, as well as other items of interest from Metlakatla can be explored from our archive page.

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