Friday, September 15, 2023

As Pierre Poilievre tour wraps for the Northwest; Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP calls up the Conservative leaders voting record

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre doing
some mainstreaming in Smithers on Thursday

(Image from Skeena-BV Conservatives FB)

Federal Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre  wrapped up a one day whistle stop tour of the Northwest yesterday, the high in the polls federal leader making stops in Smithers and Terrace for campaign style get togethers.

As some of the video relay from the Skeena-Bulkley Valley Conservatives indicates, the Conservative leader stuck to many of his recent mantras when it comes to cost of living, public safety and resource development, taking those themes and others to both gatherings.

One resident of the riding keeping an eye on the tour was the incumbent MP Taylor Bachrach.  

With the Conservative leader main-streeting in his home town, the NDP MP was doing some fact checking towards the Poilievre talking points and offering up a few observations towards the tour of the region on Thursday.

 “People in the Northwest remember how ten years of Poilievre and the Harper government harmed our region. Right now, times are tough for a lot of folks, especially working people. Tough times call for workable solutions that bring people together, not the kind of extreme politics we’ve seen from his party.

It’s one thing to tap into people’s anger, it’s another to propose policies that work for rural communities in places like ours. When we look at the ten years Poilievre was in government, a lot of his agenda caused pain here. That’s something people still remember.”

As part of his review, Bachrach provided for a report card of sorts on some of the themes and a review of how Mr. Poilievre and the Conservatives had voted on some of the issues in the House over the last ten years years.

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Whether Skeena-Bulkley Valley voters  remember those past House of Commons votes or not, there is certainly a surge of interest in the Conservative narrative at the moment.  

The Conservative leader has been on a lengthy road trip since the party's Quebec City Policy Convention last weekend, taking the party's talking points to residents at well attended gatherings in a number of communities in the province.

For Mr. Bachrach, the work ahead is going to be challenging, as the incumbent MP has seen support for the Conservatives rise in the region in recent months. 

The latest polling results compiled by the political observers at 338 Canada indicate that the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding is one that could be in play if an election were held today.

So much so, that the most recent results indicated a Conservative win in the riding, which likely suggests that voters will be seeing more of the Conservative leader and other Conservative members in the months ahead as they decide on a nominee for the constituency.

And that will mean more push back from Mr. Bachrach as he looks to keep the riding in the NDP Column come the next election.

More notes on the Federal political scene can be reviewed here.  

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