Friday, September 22, 2023

Nisga'a Nation to observe Totem Pole Rematriation on September 29th

The Nisga'a Nation will mark the return of their totem pole with 
Rematriation ceremony next Friday in the Nass Valley
(image from the Nisga'a Nation)

The long journey of some 4,000 miles home from Scotland for a totem pole from the Nisga'a Nation will come to an end in one week's time. 

The final step for the much anticipated transit  is the Wilps Ni'isjohl Memorial Totem Pole Rematriation Ceremony to take place on September 28th in Lax'galts'ap in the Nass Valley.

The ceremony takes place at the Nisga'a Museum at 1PM, with a Nisga'a Feast to follow at the Community Centre in Lax'galts'ap.

As we outlined in August,  a delegation from the Nisga'a Nation arrived in Scotland on August 27th to start the journey back to the Nass Valley. The historic totem pole was taken from the Nisga'a Nation without consent in 1929, it had been on display at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The discussions for the return came to a conclusion with the Scottish Government signing off on the agreement, setting the transition back to Canada in motion.

Follow the Nisga'a Nation social media feed for updates towards next Fridays ceremony.

More notes of interest from the Nisga'a Nation both in the Nass Valley and in Prince Rupert/Port Edward can be explored through our archive page.

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