Friday, September 29, 2023

Polling Underway at two locations for Metlakatla First Nation Council positions, with voting to close at 8PM

It's been just about two months of campaign time for the candidates that made for the final list of those contesting the Metlakatlta First Nation Election and today they will see if their message resonated with the membership to propel them to the posts they are seeking.

Of those seeking election today, five contestants are looking to replace departing Chief Councillor Harold Leighton.

Five have put their name forward for On Reserve council positions, while nine others are seeking office for the In Territory Council positions.

Voting in the General Election began at 9 AM this morning at two locations.

Ballots are available at the Metlakatla Administration Office in the community, or at the Coastal Training Centre at Dunsmuir and Sixth Avenue West in Prince Rupert.

Voting remains open until 8 PM this evening.

There were also provisions in place earlier for electronic and mail in balloting.

Follow the Metlakatla First Nation Social Media stream for updates later tonight as to how the vote count turned out.

Past notes on Metlakatla themes can be reviewed through our archive page.

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