Monday, September 25, 2023

Fall Storm season kicks off with Ferry cancellations from BC Ferries

Satellite image of current weather system from 
Environment Canada. While the North Coast is avoiding
most of the impact, there has been some strong seas
between Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii overnight and today

(image from Environment Canada)

With the Fall weather making for a stormy entry to much of the BC Coast, BC Ferries has been proactive towards their North Coast sailing schedule, having cancelled Today's sailing of the Northern Adventure between Skidegate and Prince Rupert.

Sailings of the inter island ferry Kwuna were also cancelled for the day.

The travel disruptions come with a Storm Warning in effect from Environment Canada for the waters of Hecate Strait.

The revised schedule sees the next departure set for Tuesday with an 8PM crossing from Skidegate to Prince Rupert.

More on the current changes can be reviewed here.

The Northern Expedition service to the Central Coast and Port Hardy is still in motion, with the vessel currently near Bella Bella.

So far the Prince Rupert area has avoided much of the wind and rain of the overnight period, that however is about to change  in the next few Hours.

Further notes on BC Ferries on the North Coast/Haida Gwaii can be found from our archive page.

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