Tuesday, September 19, 2023

City of Prince Rupert hopes for Federal answer on Infrastructure funding by next month

Frederick and Hays Cove Avenue one of a few infrastructure worksites
in the city where the work has been put on pause

With a number of municipal excavation sites currently sitting open awaiting further attention towards the City of Prince Rupert's infrastructure replacement program.  

City staff have offered up a bit of a timeline as to when the City anticipates hearing if their 82 million dollar funding request has been granted by the Federal Government. 

As we noted last week, the City provided a snap shot of the current situation late Friday, with a social media information release that made note of the many Open Work sites around the community, observing that they will likely be staying that way until the final word from Ottawa comes in.

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In some follow up Question and Answer work related to Friday's social media post, Veronika Stewart, the City's Manager of Communications, Engagement and Social Development  offers up a bit of a timeline on the funding request, observing how an answer is hoped for by next month or so. 

Though as Ms. Stewart notes, you just never know how the Federal process will evolve. 

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As we outlined earlier today, Mayor Herb Pond, members of Council and Senior Staff are all in Vancouver this week as part of the UBCM Convention and among the items on their to do list, is to continue to advocate for the City from that list of concerns relayed on Friday.

Mr. Pond noting today on some of the Prince Rupert delegations talking points for the week.

More notes on the UBCM convention can be followed from our archive page.

The work on the city's water and road infrastructure can be charted through our Operations Archive and our Major Projects and Infrastructure page.

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