Friday, September 22, 2023

UBCM delegates offer up endorsement of large volume of resolutions at Convention 2023; Mayor Pond pays tribute to work of Prince Rupert delegation during convention week

Beyond the opportunity to take in working groups, one on one sessions with provincial cabinet ministers and officials and just general socializing, the delegates to the 2023 UBCM convention have had a few days of detailed work on the large list of resolutions that were up for review. 

The document which was released in August charted a course of many topics and concerns for municipal leaders across the province, each looking to build a consensus towards them and how they approach the province for further action.

Prince Rupert did not appear to have any resolutions for consideration for the 2023 convention, but other communities from the Northwest had a few things to bring to the floor this year.

As we outlined in August,  there were fifteen Resolutions included for review from the Northwest or the North Central Local Government Association, including one from the District of Port Edward.

The Resolution RR 2 is related to Universal Child Care and calls for a change to the grant process that upholds UNDRIP obligations.

The District of Port Edward resolution for UBCM 2023
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There has been no update from the UBCM as of yet, as to how the Port Edward resolution fared.

What kind of success that the other Northwest or NCLGA Resolutions found over the last three days can be reviewed below:

Bulkley Nechako Regional District

EB 43 -- Clean Transportation Action Plan for Rural and Northern Communities    (endorsed)
NR 13 -- Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare workers (Not endorsed)
NR 84 -- Building Bylaw Enforcement (endorsed)

District of Houston

NEB 1 -- Noxious weeds and invasive plant program for rail lines (Not endorsed)
NR 12 -- Locally offered training and support for Healthcare workers (endorsed)
NR 62 -- Prioritizing local governments in the provincial land acquisition process (endorsed as amended)
NR 86 -- Valuation of Major Industrial Projects (endorsed)

District of Kitimat

NR 80 -- Zero Emission Vehicles (severed to two resolutions)
RR 15 -- Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare workers  (Not admitted for debate)

Town of Smithers

RR 9 -- Treatment for Mental Health and Addictions in Rural Communities (Not admitted for debate)

City of Terrace

RR 10 -- Withdrawal Management Services (Not admitted for debate)

North Central Local Government Association

NR 10 -- Review of Health Authorities Structure (endorsed as amended)
NR 11 -- Regional Hospital District Capital Cost sharing ratios (endorsed)
NR 25 -- Encampment Movement (endorsed)

One resolution  of note which was endorsed was NR14, which came from Prince George and should find some applause from the Prince Rupert delegation to UBCM.  

That was related to seeking additional funding from the Province for municipal fire services that provide medical services.

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That has been a significant concern for City Council in recent months, that as the case load of medical calls at times has stretched the Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue department to its limits.

There is one more session on Resolutions to take place this morning prior to the close of the UBCM Convention. We will update the list above of Northwest initiatives as more details are released towards the fate of the Northwest  initiatives.

The UBCM Rolling resolutions archive can be reviewed here.

The main event for the final day today, is the Keynote address by Premier David Eby,  his time in the convention spotlight comes at 11:15 AM and follows other speeches from the BC United and Green leaders earlier this week.

The Premier will bring a change to the format for 2023, with just a few remarks at the start of his presentation, then followed by a Q and A with the delegates.

As the 2023 convention comes to its close, Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond has paid tribute to the work of the Prince Rupert delegation on the week, noting of some of their efforts while in Vancouver.

More notes on  convention week for UBCM can be reviewed through our archive page.

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