Saturday, September 23, 2023

BC Hydro to shut down Power to Prince Rupert from 10PM to 4 AM for repairs, ask for reduced consumption through weekend

Residents of Prince Rupert are going to be in the dark for a fair bit of the overnight period, with BC Hydro announcing a power outage tonight to effect urgently needed repairs. 

The outage  will take place from 10 PM to 4 AM, in addition to the overnight power outage, BC Hydro is asking for reduced consumption over the weekend.

Update: Originally indicating that it was to be a city wide power outage, an updated message from BC Hydro narrowed the area of note to the downtown and primarily on the west side of Prince Rupert, affecting close to 3,000 customers.

The City of Prince Rupert relayed the advisory this afternoon through their mobile app, Social Media stream and other messaging methods.

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The plans for tonight have not been added to the BC Hydro listings just yet, but a review of that information stream notes of much work ahead for the area in the next few weeks.

The Hydro service did relay some information through their Social Media stream with tonight's outage related to some danger to equipment that Hydro has been working on .

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More updates towards the immediate outage for tonight will be relayed through the city's information sharing stream and that of Hydro, which can be accsessed through mobile devices.

That would give residents a few hours now to ensure all of their devices are fully charged for the overnight period ahead.

More notes on BC Hydro can be reviewed here.

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