Thursday, September 28, 2023

Masking to make a comeback at some Health care facilities this fall

If you have plans to visit a health care facility 
in October and beyond you may want to keep
one of these handy

There is no official statement to relay to the public just yet from Health Officials in the province, but a leaked memo that was obtained and reported on by a number of Vancouver and Victoria news organizations has indicated that there are plans to re-institute some masking requirements at Health Care facilities starting this fall.

The latest data on respiratory infections, including coronavirus is serving as the advice for health officials towards their planning.

The memo which has been relayed by the media notes of the reported call for:

 "Continuous masking by health-care workers, visitors, contractors and volunteers in all patient, client and resident care areas" starting Oct. 3. 

Masking will also be required in physician offices and outpatient clinics but says "patients, clients and residents will mask when directed by a health-care worker or based on personal choice." 

The media accounts (which you can review from our Blog D'ArcyMcGee) note that the word mandate is not being attached to the latest wording for the measures ahead.

The official announcement with the details is to come over the noon hour by way of a briefing from Health Minister Adrian Dix and BC Provincial Health Officer Doctor Bonnie Henry.

The BC Government Social Media stream likely will have the information session live at Noon today.

The update from the Noon Hour information session 
outlined the steps the province will be taking on respiratory concerns, as well as the fall immunization plan for BC.

“An increase in hospital visits with the fall respiratory illness season requires measures to ensure our acute care is effective and our health-care system is strong, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. 

We all know that getting immunized is the best way for us to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the B.C. health-care workers we rely on. We all know that to keep ourselves healthy and our health-care system strong, we all need to do our part. 

And by getting our free and readily available COVID-19 and influenza vaccines at the same time, we’re all doing precisely what’s needed.”  -- ”Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. 

Towards the fall masking regimen planned for health care facilities, the Statement from the Minister and Public Health office included the following:

As respiratory infections are increasing in communities in B.C., the risk also increases in health-care facilities where people may be more at risk of severe infections or complications. 

To increase protections in health-care facilities in the province, medical mask wearing will be required by all health-care workers, volunteers, contractors and visitors in patient care areas starting Oct. 3, 2023. 

Long-term care visitors will be required to wear a medical mask when they are in common areas of the home and when participating in indoor events, gatherings, activities in communal areas of the care home or residence.

Ambassadors will be at facility entrances to support screening for symptoms of respiratory illnesses, hand out medical masks, and ensure people clean their hands before entering. 

The full statement, and links to additional information is available here.

More on Health care in the northwest is available from our archive page.

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