Friday, September 15, 2023

September 25th Date for City of Prince Rupert Tax Sale for 2023

The City of Prince Rupert has released the list of property in tax delinquency that will be up for sale later this month. That as the City's collections office prepares to host the Annual Tax Sale process on September 25th.

23 properties originally were on the roll for the 2023 Sale, though as the week has moved forward, some of the property owners that are in arrears have made good on their debt to the city and the listings have been removed.

That's a process that will continue through to the 10 AM Tax Sale on the 25th, it takes place in the council Chambers at City Hall on Third Avenue West. 

You can access the most up to date list of which properties remain for sale from the City website here.

Of note from the City is some detail as to how the Tax Sale process works.

The upset price is the minimum price acceptable and is the starting point for bidding during the sale. The highest bid above the upset price will be accepted.  

Purchasers should note that the Tax Sale is not final and that the purchase is subject to redemption by the owner for one year from the Tax Sale date. 

The purchase of a Tax Sale property is subject to real estate taxes under the Property Transfer Tax Act on the fair market value of the property at the end the of redemption period 

The full overview of the process can be explored here.

The District of Port Edward also is hosting a Tax Sale, though their list is limited to just two entries.

One a property at 737 Sunset Drive, the other at 950 Skeena Drive.

Should the properties remain on the Tax Sale list, that sale will also take place on September 25th at 10AM in the Port Edward Council Chambers.

Follow the Port Edward social media stream for updates or Contact the District Office at 250-628-3867 to see if te properties are still up for sale by Tax Sale Day.

More notes on Prince Rupert Taxation themes is available here.

Our archive of items from Port Edward can be reviewed here.

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