Wednesday, September 27, 2023

First Avenue Parking project sees progress

The area above the Bluffs at Cow Bay continues to see work as plans
for additional parking move ahead in the Cow Bay Area

Work continues on the City of Prince Rupert's plan to add some additional parking space above the Cow Bay District, with a project along First Avenue East giving a glimpse of what may be the final look for the project which is planned to create at least seven, if nor more, angled parking spots in the location.

The plans were first outlined to City Council as part of a property disposition plan announced in the summer, however the property disposition option was cancelled earlier this month, while the work on the parking area on the east side of First Avenue East continues.

So far there has been no timeline noted as to when the new parking spaces may be opened and put into use.  

As well, a second element of the project that of a staircase to  the Cow Bay Parking lot below still seems to be in development.

The area of a proposed staircase to the Cow Bay parking lot

As part of the City's plans for the Cow Bay District, two other areas have been proposed for additional parking.

One near RONA at the foot of Third Avenue East; the other adjacent to the Prince Rupert Yacht Club. 

So far no work has begun towards those locations.

City Council members have not returned to the themes of note from the summer since August.

More notes on Operations themes can be reviewed here.

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  1. This reader is surprised no one in the business community suggested angled parking across the street from the subject property.
    Why spoil a view like the one the subject property has with parked vehicles.