Friday, September 15, 2023

City of Prince Rupert updates Community on the status of water and road repairs

Frederick Street on the City's east side, it like a number of other areas
around town may remain an active construction zone and close to traffic
for a while into the future

A Friday afternoon message from the City of Prince Rupert offers up the prospect of an extended period for open road and waterline excavations, that as the city awaits word on additional funding from the Federal Government.

Yesterday, we noted of the growing list of open holes and active worksites around the city, a process which while required to address the city's water issues, has made for some challenges for transportation around town.

Today's update came by way of the City's Social Media stream and includes many of City Councils previous talking points to the issue. 

Among them,  the hopes for additional funding through the Resource Benefits Alliance program, as well as their ongoing frustration at the Port Tax Cap and PILT concerns.

Those could be themes that City Council and senior staff bring to Vancouver with them next week as they take part in the annual UBCM Convention at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

As they note in their update to the community today, all those issues and the need for additional revenue streams remain areas of uncertainty for 2024 ahead.

City Council will soon be moving into their Budget 2024 decision making process and the ongoing work towards the city's infrastructure will factor into much of their work; as has the narrative of concern on the need for additional streams for funding over the last few years.

As part of the information flow, the City also reminds residents of the information video that they released  one month ago which highlights the status of the water system upgrades to date.

More notes related to the City's Work on Major Projects and Infrastructure can be reviewed here, while the past discussions from City Council can be explored from our archive here.

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