Monday, September 25, 2023

BC Hydro work to continue today on west side issues, other work listed for September/October


The area of Prince Rupert identified by BC Hydro on Saturday night
for a required power outage to repair damaged equipment

BC Hydro hasn't expanded too much on what kind of work was taking place in the city over the weekend.  

That work was so immediate, that it required a rather short notice advisory of a power outage for a good portion of the City on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

That advisory, one that was relayed late Saturday afternoon by the City of Prince Rupert, providing for just a few hours of advance warning for those in the affected areas in the downtown area and westside of the city.

The BC Hydro website and media stream also had a notice for the public, offering up a short synopsis of what their crews were up to over the weekend.

More work on the west side/downtown situation is anticipated to continue through the day today. Though no new advisories have been relayed as to what that work will require.

As part of their information flow, BC Hydro is making note of a number of days of work in the weeks ahead into early October,  you can review those planned outages from the BC Hydro website here.

They also use their social media stream to share notes on their service in the region.

More notes on past Hydro themes can be reviewed here.

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