Monday, September 25, 2023

Wednesday Chamber of Commerce Breakfast event features Mayor Pond to update Chamber members on civic themes

The Prince Rupert team at UBCM last week
(image from Mayor Pond's FB stream)

Fresh from his week long travels to Vancouver for UBCM 2023, Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond will be taking part in the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce's Breakfast event this Wednesday morning.

The event is to be held at Arabisk at Seal Cove on the City's East side, with infrastructure among some of the topics that the Mayor will be speaking towards at the 7:30 AM gathering.

The event received a shout out from City Hall this morning, noting that today is the last day to register with the Mayor event.

Those that have plans to attend the Wednesday gathering, will get a chance to see some of that infrastructure work first hand; with a couple of large excavation sites to be explored along the way to Seal Cove. With some still to be completed work to be found on Frederick Street and then on Seventh East close to the Arabisk location.

Last week, city staff outlined how City Hall is hoping to hear back from the Federal government sometime this month towards their application for Federal funding for the work required on the city's water infrastructure.

Hopefully, the Mayor will offer up some notes of interest from his breakfast speech for the public, once his presentation has come to an end. 

Providing an update on civic notes for those who can't make it, or don't necessarily want to join the Chamber.

Find out more about the Chamber's Breakfast plans, which is a paid admission gathering,  from their event page here.

More notes on the Business Sector can be reviewed here.

A look back at the work of the Prince Rupert delegation at UBCM is available here, while more notes on past Council themes can be reviewed here.

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