Wednesday, August 17, 2022

CityWest Fibre to home work continues on Haida Gwaii as focus shifts to Skidegate

The Connected Coast project is marching on, with the First stage construction of the CityWest Fibre to the Home service for Haida Gwaii  recently completed with the backbone for service put in place for Masset and Old Masset.

And last week the Prince Rupert based telecommunication company outlined its work underway in Skidegate, to add that community to the growing list of locations where the CityWest footprint will soon be found. 

CityWest is making good progress on its
Fibre to the Home project on Graham Island 

Last week, CityWest noted that construction crews began building this state-of-the-art and future proof underground fibre-optic network, which will provide world class urban style connectivity for decades to come. 

In their announcement of the Skidegate phase, CityWest provided some background to their Haida Gwaii plans.

The $3.14 million last-mile project, which includes both Skidegate and Daajing Giids, is supported by up to $2.17 million from the Connecting British Columbia program, funded by the Province of BC. 

The infrastructure in Skidegate is part of a total investment of approximately $7.7 million to bring last-mile fibre-optics to residents of Haida Gwaii. 

The infrastructure on Haida Gwaii will be supported by the $45.4 million Connected Coast project, providing reliable backbone fibre-optic infrastructure to deliver services.

The work on the Islands comes following the formation of a partnership by CityWest with a number of groups on Haida Gwaii, which created a new company CityWest Haida Communication Corporation.

Some background on that arrangement can be explored further here.

The current work on Haida Gwaii comes with the installation of the 87 kilometre fibre optic cable across Hecate Strait which landed near Tell. Once that Connected Coast  landing site has been activated the Skidegate infrastructure will be added to the Connected Coast network.

You can learn more about the Connected Coast initiative here.

Further items of interest related to the City of Prince Rupert owned and operated telecommunication system can be explored here.


  1. Great news for the bustling metropolis of Skidegate.

    Meanwhile in Prince Rupert, our fibre to home project was announced in 2017. Work started in 2018.

    The hope was to have 60% of Rupert connected to fibre by the end of 2021.

    Was that goal met?

  2. It would be helpful to know why CityWest has a monopoly on internet and tv. Given that position, they have chosen to promise fibre to home previously, but, without any accountability, they have decided to pause that indefinitely (without the same fanfare when they announced they were going to invest in Rupert). Although city council would never allow it (more likely just heavily resist as it would be illegal to stop one) I know many of us long time residents would love to see a major telecom here. Too bad the monopoly is owned by the city. Ridiculous.

    1. Straight from the CRTC

      "Internet service providers compete to have you as a customer."