Thursday, August 25, 2022

City of Prince Rupert relays information for those planning to vote by mail for 2022 Civic Election

Some ballots for the 2022 Prince Rupert election may pass
through the Post Office on their way to counting on Oct 15

As we edge closer to what should be a much more active campaign period for the 2022 Municipal elections, the City of Prince Rupert has offered up some guidance for those residents who may wish to vote by mail in the October 15th civic process.

The option to vote by mail is available to all electors registered on the Provincial Voters list as of August 17th. The process to access the mail in ballots and how to submit them upon completion was highlighted through the City's Social media stream today.

Some of the key elements of the Vote By Mail option can be explored below:

The instructions and form to apply for a mail in ballot can be accessed here.

A wider overview of the Civic electoral process can be reviewed from the City of Prince Rupert website here.

At Monday's City Council session, the City added to the number of civic officials that are now included on the roster of those overseeing the electoral process.

Mr. Antonio Vera, Manager of Human Resources was appointed as Deputy Elections Officer for the 2022 General Municipal Election, while Tanya Ostrom, Manager of Operations was appointed to the post of Deputy Elections Officer for a period of time from August 29-September 9, 2022 to assist with staffing requirements for the electoral process.

They join the Chief Electoral Officer Corinne Bomben and Deputy Electoral Officer Rosemaria Miller east the key staff members tasked with the running of the electoral process leading up to the October 15th voting day at the Civic Centre.

Should residents have any questions related to any part of the electoral process they can contact the City staff members at 250-627-0939.

More notes on the 2022 campaign can be reviewed from our archive page here.

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