Monday, August 22, 2022

City shares glimpse of Property Tax revenue shared with District of Port Edward

Cooperation was the theme for Mayor's Brain and Bjorndal in
June, tonight Council will receive a report that outlines
the volume of tax revenue that Prince Rupert will send
the way of Port Edward this year

At one time it was one of the most contentious items on the Prince Rupert City Council checklist of irritants, the sharing of revenue collected by the City wit the District of Port Edward.

The long running discussion topic at times leading to some heated commentary from the Prince Rupert Council members and rebuttals from the District. 

All of that seems to now be water under the Galloway Rapids Bridge however following Mayor Lee Brain's State of the City presentation of June and the rapprochement that was hailed between the City and the District.

Tonight, the public will get a glimpse at some of the financial distributions over the last five years, as the City's Chief Financial Officer Corrine Bomben delivers a report for Council to be provided to the District, as required by the Inspector of Municipalities.

The chart which is included in the report outlines the volume of taxes paid to the District since 2018, with the 2022 distribution just under one million dollars. 

The money comes from Tax Sharing agreement that is in place between the City and District.

The report is one to be received by Council members for information purposes.

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The full documentation from the report can be accessed through the Council Agenda package for tonight.

Council members will have opportunity to comment on the report if they wish tonight, and if they are in a talkative mood, we may be able to gauge the state of the new relationship with the District that was brokered by Mayors Brain and Bjorndal in June.

More notes on tonight's Council Session can be explored here.  

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