Tuesday, August 23, 2022

City of Prince Rupert seeks out Bids for SCADA Radio Tower plans

Montreal Circle in the Cresteview area of Prince Rupert is one of two locations
for a thirty metre SCADA communication tower
(Map from City of PR RFP package)

The City of Prince Rupert has moved forward with its plan for the replacement of its SCADA communication network, which is the communication system related to its monitoring of water infrastructure in the community.

Monday, the City issued its Request for Proposals for the replacement work which will see two new 30 meter tall radio towers installed at Shawatlan Hill across Fern Passage and on Montreal Circle in the Cresteview area of the city.

From the City of PR RFP package

The City posted a public notice related to the Crestview area tower earlier this summer.

The Documentation that makes up for the City's calls for proposals outlines the current limitations of the system in place and what the City is looking for once the work is complete.

The City of Prince Rupert has experienced decreased reliability of its SCADA communication network, and so is pursuing a complete replacement of its SCADA communications system. 

The replacement system will utilize SCADA radio communications between operating sites to reliably relay data to City operators.

The details of the RFP are available from the BC Bid Website.

The Closing date for submission of Bids is set for September 15.

The prospectus for the work ahead notes that the construction of the two towers is to commence within two weeks of the notification for the successful applicant of the contract award.

You can review some of the past discussion on the SCADA communication system from our Major Projects Archive pages here.

A look at past City of Prince Rupert RFP's, Bids and Tenders can be reviewed here.

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