Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Requests for Civic Election nomination packages remain low through August

Interest in the municipal race for 2022 remains low during these
summer months, with only a handful of election package requests
made at City Hall this month to date

These dog days of summer have residents of Prince Rupert clearly thinking of many things, but an interest in running for office so far isn't one of them so far, with the requests for nomination packages through City Hall still low as we linger in the sun drenched days of August.

As we noted earlier today, a third potential candidate has entered the race for the Prince Rupert Mayoralty, with Jason Hoang, joining Krystopher Thompson and Herb Pond in the quest for the top elected position in Prince Rupert.

So far there are few reports to be found of any current council incumbents making a formal announcement for their interest in a return to office in the Council Chamber, though that could change once the Labour Day weekend passes by and the interest in the fall vote begins to churn a bit more.

Two of the current council will not be running for re-election for sure, with both Mayor Lee Brain and Councillor Blair Mirau previously stating their plans to step down from public office for this election cycle.

Yesterday, the North Coast Review contacted Deputy Chief Election Officer Rosemaria Miller for an update on the number of requests for Election packages from City Hall.  

Ms. Miller advised that as of Tuesday morning city staff had handed out four packages for City Council Positions. 

Though they note that they do not have any indication which office those who have requested the packages plan to submit their nomination towards, whether it be a Mayoralty or a Council seat bid.

That information won't be known officially until the Election Declaration on September 9th.

As well as the City Council posts, two potential candidates have requested packages for School Trustee positions which will also be part of the October vote.

Ms. Miller notes that those interested in political office can declare publicly through social media, but unless they have picked up an election package and deliver it completed by the nomination deadline of September 9th, then their candidacy won't count.

The election packages have been available at City Hall since August 2nd and election officials strongly urge that would be candidates contact them to make an appointment to go over how the electoral nomination process works. 

To do so give City Hall a call at (250) 627 0939.  

You can learn more about the Civic Election process from this page on the City of Prince Rupert website which provides some helpful guidance for those considering a run for civic office this October.

Prospective Candidate Information

General information on Municipal election period

Our notes on these early days for the 2022 municipal campaign can be reviewed from our archive page here.

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