Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Kaien Trails to receive 500,000 dollars for Cloudberry Trail initiative

A Celebration of Funding from the Civic Centre today following
an announcement of Federal Funding towards the development
of the Cloud Berry Trail
(photo from City of PR)

A giant step forward today for a long planned addition to the Prince Rupert Trails System, with the Kaien Trails organization the recipients of 500,000 dollars in funding from the Federal Government for the local project.

The announcement from Harjit Sajjan, the Minister responsible for the Pacific Economic Development Agency was part of over 2.6 million dollars in funding delivered across the Northwest today.

The notes from The Federal Minister today observed of the focus for how the money will be used:

"With this funding, the Society will design and construct the Cloudberry Trail. The project will create a multi-use pathway away from busy roadways that will provide safe access for people of all abilities, as an expansion of the Kaien Island Trail network. It will also create opportunities for local businesses."

The Federal money comes from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund.

The Cloud Berry Trail was identified in 2020 by the Kaien Trail Society as its next Big Project, part of their master plan of Trail options created in 2017.

A presentation to Prince Rupert City Council in January of 2020 by the Society provided a glimpse into how they hoped at the time the trail would evolve into the years ahead.

The trail will be a multi use one, running along the mountain side of the highway and will offer a strong opportune towards accessing funding.

A look at the larger Master Plan can be explored here.

So far, the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society hasn't had opportunity to celebrate their success in accessing the grant funding, when they do, you most likely will learn more about how the project will evolve through their Facebook page.

The City of Prince Rupert has already shared their thoughts on the day's event taking to Social Media today with the details. Its anticipated that the total cost of the Trail will come in at Five million dollars.

Kaien Trails Society shouted out their notes on the announcement on Wednesday, with a short Social Media message.

A look back at some of their past work in the community can be explored here.

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