Thursday, August 18, 2022

Subdivision plans moving forward in Port Edward as site work for Alder Avenue set to get underway

Some progress towards additional housing stock for the North Coast is moving ahead in Port Edward, with the District recently putting out a Request for Quotations for the completion of Site Works for Phase one of the new Residential Subdivision for Alder Avenue.

The District released their call for Quotations on July 27th with a deadline of August 10th. The successful applicant was to be selected this week with the start for the site work scheduled for August 23rd.

The Scope of the site preparation work looks as follows:

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You can learn more about the plans that the District has for the site here.

Earlier this year, Port Edward officials announced that Pacific Aurora Construction Management Limited had been selected to build the first phase of 11 homes for the new subdivision, the original timeline towards that work had been identified as for May.

The 11 homes for the District will help to alleviate some of the housing crunch for the region and attract new residents for the community.

More notes from the District can be reviewed here, while additional themes on housing in the Prince Rupert area can be explored here.

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