Friday, August 19, 2022

Skeena-Bullkey Valley MP calls for Northern BC office option for residents when it comes to passport delivery

The ongoing mess in the deliver of passports by the Federal Government has Skeena-Bulklkey Valley MP Taylor Bachrach calling for a solution that includes the opening of a passport office in Northern British to Columbia, that to ensure that residents in the region receive the same opportunities as those in other communities to access passport delivery.

The long running problem of under staffed offices and delays in processing has made for a bit of a shambles for Canadians looking to take travels out of the country, with the Federal government recently announcing plans to add to the volume of passport offices across the Country, though the most recent plans did not include Northern British Columbian, an oversight that Mr. Bachrach addressed in a correspondence to Minister Katrina Gould on Thursday.

At the heart of the Skeena- Bulkley Valley MP's notes for the Minster, the frequent reality of unequal access to government services and in the case of the passport issue, one which has put Northern British Columbians at a significant disadvantage.

The latest update from the government on passports can be reviewed here.

For those who don't need a passport in an urgent period of time, the current processing period is noted as taking up to thirteen weeks, with delivery by mail to your residence.

More notes from the House of Commons can be reviewed here.

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  1. Add Passport Office to our MP's laundry list,

    That laundry list includes,
    - End to End cellular coverage on highway 16, multiple term politicians should be embarrassed by this issue.
    - Broadband internet, coast to coast to coast
    - Clean Drinking water for all northern residents