Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Water Shut Off for Industrial Park area planned for tonight

A map from the City of Prince Rupert that highlights the areas of the
Industrial Park that will be impacted by a four hour water shut off 
that is set to start at 6PM tonight

Those who are working in the Prince Rupert Industrial Park will want to make note of an advisory from the City of Prince Rupert fro this morning, the information relay announcing plans for a Four Hour Water Shut Off tonight starting at 6 PM.

In their advisory the City outlines that the shut off is required to take on some minor repairs to the water supply line to the Industrial site.

Affected areas include: Kaien Road, Duncan Road, Hast Road, Mishaw Road, and Metlakatla Road. 

The City notes that the repairs have been scheduled for this evening to minimize disruption to respective businesses in the area. 

Should you require more information, the City notes those affected can contact their customer service team at (250) 624 6795. 

The message was relayed this morning through the City of Prince Rupert Social Media stream.

More notes on the work of the Operations Department can be reviewed from our archive page.

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