Monday, August 29, 2022

Fencing up for Ocean Centre Bus Pullout, but progress slow for project start

Rupert Wood N Steel has installed some safety fencing as part of the work
set for the Ocean Centre Bus Pullout project 

The pace of construction for another road project in the city has slowed since an early burst of energy a few weeks ago, that starting with some preliminary work on the week of August 15th.

The work on the Ocean Centre Bus Pullout so far mostly that of barrier placement and other safety measures, with the busy traffic of Second Avenue West separated from the construction area, while safety fencing has gone up around the project site along the front of the Ocean Centre on the Second West Side.

The work was announced by the City on August  15th and if the signage on the fencing is an indication, that project has been awarded to Prince Rupert's Rupert Wood N Steel.

So far, the work on the project appears to be mostly that of the placement of the safety features, with little activity taking place over the last week. 

The original completion date was indicated as the second week of September, so it will be worth watching to see if any delays may come along to push the grand opening of the new Bus Pullout a bit further down the calendar. 

The Bus Pullout is the start of what a potential transformation for Second Avenue West, a topic that Mayor Brain made note of at his June State of the City presentation. 

We outlined some of that from our notes of earlier this month.

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