Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Work underway on Ocean Centre BC Transit pull out

Workers were installing barriers along Second Avenue West this week
in anticipation of the start for Bus Pullout construction at the Ocean Centre

If all goes as planned by mid September the Second Avenue street facing for the Ocean Centre will have a new look, as BC Transit and the City work towards installing a Bus pullout area along the busy downtown corridor street.

The work on the project began this week, with workers installing traffic barricades along the Ocean Centre side of the street, that as the full construction process begins to ramp up.

As a result of the ongoing work, the bus stop that is in place at the Ocean Centre has been relocated one block east of the building in front of the Community Garden.

The City of Prince Rupert outlined the background to the project earlier this week.

The Bus pull out is the start of what could be some extensive redesign work for Second Avenue West once the heavy traffic of container truck transits to the Port comes to an end with the shift to a Port specific road between DP World and Ridley Island.

At his State of the City presentation in June, Mayor Lee Brain provided some concept ideas for how Second Avenue may look further down the road. The project could include reconfiguration of the street to allow for angle parking as well as creation of other street elements towards traffic calming measures.

More notes on civic themes can be explored here.


  1. Where is the money coming from? Is any of this stuff bid or costed?

  2. Is Ocean Center owner FJM Investments contributing anything towards these improvements?

    Are they aware of our downtown revitalization tax incentive?