Friday, August 19, 2022

Rationing at BC Liquor stores to go into effect as BCGEU strike continues to impact delivery of supplies

Government run BC Liquor stores like the one in Prince Rupert
have put in place rationing on many items as a labour dispute at their
Distribution centres continues through its first week

The picket lines have only been up for five days at BC Liquor Distribution warehouses, but today the first sign of the impact of the labour dispute has been made note of. 

With an organization that represents the Beverage industry in BC raising the alarm over what is going to be some rationing of sales at BC Gov't run establishments.

ABLE BC the Alliance of Beverage Licensees of BC outlined the scope of the action from the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch today with a note for its membership, so far the BCLDB has not commented publicly on the report from the industry advocates.

According to ABLE BC, government officials have informed it that all customers, including bars, pubs, restaurants and the public, will be rationed to no more than three of any individual items of liquor, with the exception of beer. 

The restrictions will include refreshment beverage products that come in 4-packs, 6-packs and other formats and will count as one product.  

ABLE BC has been providing daily updates for its members on the impact of the strike and providing details on what the retailers and restauranteurs of the province need to know about the labour dispute.

The Strike by the component of the BCGEU began on Monday afternoon with the membership seeking inflation relief through a Cost of Living Allowance, the union noting recently how BC MLA's voted themselves a COLA benefit in the last session of the Legislature.

The BCGEU most recently rejected a government offer of almost 11 percent over three years, demanding a clause to cope with the rising cost of living. 

The first stage of the Labour dispute has been focused on four Liquor Distribution warehouses in the province.

ABLE BC notes that their advice for the private commercial outlets in the province is that they do not follow the provincial store lead in rationing at this time, calling for both sides to get back to the negotiating table to hammer out a deal before financial impact is felt in the BC hospitality industry.

The dispute with the BCGEU workers, is just one of a number of percolating disputes that may make for an uncomfortable late summer and early fall period for the governing NDP, providing for challenges ahead for whoever claims the NDP leadership and Premiership of the province later this fall. 

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