Friday, August 26, 2022

Province of British Columbia pushes back release date for study on prolific offenders

The topic of prolific offenders in Briths Columbia is seemingly so hot these days, that the province of British Columbia has decided to delay the release date for the government's ongoing study, which was to have a release date of September 2nd.

An announcement from the Province on Thursday noted of the extensive contributions that investigators, Doug LePard, an expert in policing and criminal justice, and Amanda Butler, an expert in mental health and criminal justice systems, have received to date as part of their work.

Such has been the number of British Columbians looking to reach out to the pair that they have asked for an extension. 

Due to extensive public feedback and the complexity of the issues underlying crime in communities across the province, experts conducting an investigation into prolific offenders require a short extension to complete their work.

An overwhelming number of people have reached out to the experts to share their experiences and provide recommendations on prolific offenders, including about highly visible crime in downtown cores and unprovoked, violent stranger attacks. 

The challenges underlying these issues are complex, requiring thoughtful analysis and creative solutions. LePard and Butler’s report will include input from mayors, police, the BC Prosecution Service, health authorities, the Crown Police Liaison Committee working group, the BC First Nations Justice Council and many other stakeholders.

The new target date for the delivery of the report to the province is for the end of September.

While the research work continues towards the final report, the government notes of their ongoing work with municipal officials towards the issue.

Government is committed to working with mayors and all other partners to find ways to improve safety for all British Columbians, both immediately and in the long term.

Some of that engagement from municipal government came from the northwest. 

With Mayor Carol Leclrec and Terrace City Council taking a lead role in pushing the Provincial government to take action on the issue, a long standing concern for both the Terrace council and City residents, along with Skeena MLA Ellis Ross.

A look at the Prince Rupert Court Register on a daily basis would seem to suggest that prolific offenders appears to be a problem here as well. 

Though for the North Coast, neither the members of Prince Rupert City Council, nor MLA Rice seem to have publicly identified the issue of prolific offenders as a community priority.  

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