Tuesday, August 23, 2022

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice to host Town Hall on Health Care Monday, August 29th

It could be a full house at the Lester Centre next Monday if everyone 
in Prince Rupert who has. question on health care drops in for 
a night of conversation on the topic with MLA Jennifer Rice

Health Care in Prince Rupert has been the topic of conversation for much of the year and recently heated up with concerns related to staffing levels for the BC Ambulance Service in the community.

And with the level of concern rising in the region, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice will be hosting an open forum next week to hear from the public and provide opportunity for medical officials to offer some answers.

Ms. Rice issued the invitation to the "Conversation On Health" this afternoon, with the Lester Centre to be the venue next Monday from 7 to 9 for the review of where we are on Health Care in Prince Rupert.

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The Doors to the Conversation open at 6:30, with the Health official presentation set for 7PM, the Q and A to follow.

You can learn more about the evening's plans through this Event page.

Considering much of the commentary that has been found both at Prince Rupert City Council and through Social media in town in recent months, the Town Hall will be a welcome opportunity for residents to separate the rumours from the facts. 

As well as to seek out vital information about plans for the local hospital with the Mills Memorial project advancing as it is.

Some kudos to Ms. Rice for making  the event a public attendance one, the most recent update from Northern Health was a City Council hosted event during the days of COVID in November of 2021 which meant there was no public involvement in the process at that time.

A look back at some of the recent challenges for health care in Prince Rupert can be explored through our archive page here.

Update: the August 29th event will have two options for viewing for those who can't make it to the Lester Centre, CityWest community channel 10 and the MLA's Facebook page.

Further notes on the work of the MLA can be reviewed through our Legislature Archie page.


  1. Is the event streamable on YouTube

    1. Good Question, I have relayed the enquiry to the MLA
      shall report back if I get response, considering the fondness for Facebook video these days, that may be one option that they could use. NCR

    2. Update: Ms. Rice has announced that there will be a live stream option through the city of Prince Rupert website, as well as a broadcast on CityWest Channel 10!

    3. Correction to above, Ms. Rice advises that it will be live streamed through her FB page not the city website as previously indicated.