Monday, August 29, 2022

Health Care Forum offers chance for North Coast residents to have concerns heard

The volume of questions could be endless tonight when North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice opens her two hour conversation on Health Care at the Lester Centre.

The Town Hall forum on health issues is set for a 7PM start, the first hour to be turned over to health officials in the community who will deliver an update on the state of health care in the community.

The first hour perhaps sixty minutes of information sharing that Ms. Rice and those on hand from Northern Health will hope helps to defuse some of the current concerns and occasional bouts of anger for residents when it comes to accessing services in Prince Rupert.

As a quick scan of the Northern Health led Facebook page on health care in Prince Rupert shows, there are more than a few areas of concern in recent months for residents.

The last few months taken up with questions on the need for more Family Doctors in Prince Rupert, the departure of specialists and concerns over a migration of health care providers to Terrace once the Mills Memorial Hospital build is complete and the highly touted Trauma Centre opens to the public. 

Add on the current controversy over ambulance service in the city and the final hour could be a lively one of conversation and hopefully answers and solutions.

The Doors to the Lester Centre open at 6:30, the Conversation opens up at 7, with the Q and A session scheduled for an hour starting at 8PM.

For those that can't attend in Person, the evening will be broadcast through CityWest Cable 10 and on MLA Rice's Facebook livestream.

An opportunity to review some of the potential themes for tonight can be found through our Prince Rupert Specific Northern Health Archive page here.

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