Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Land Clearing ... one rock at a time

Land clearing has been underway along a parcel of land on Park Avenue
for much of the month of August

Like Modern Day Fred Flintstone's and Barney Rubble's, workers at a site on Park Avenue have been busy with an ongoing land clearing project, the current focus that of taking down a large cliff on the parcel of land. 

The work on the large segment of the rocky area making for some slow going along there stretch just down from the Fiver Corners area.

Though as the work has picked up, so too has the speculation on Social Media as what may be planned next for the valuable piece of Prince Rupert real estate, with no shortage of theories on what may come from all the work.

So far, however,  there has been no public announcement towards what is in the future for the land.

To this point, the area in question has not come up on the Agenda page for Prince Rupert City Council, or through the planning department, one area which may eventually deliver some definitive word on what all the land clearing is about and what the lot will be used for once it's ready for development.

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  1. Prince Rumour said it will be a new Canada Post Office

    1. LOL, yes one of a number of potential uses ... as always time will tell the tale of rumour from fact. NCR