Tuesday, August 30, 2022

British Columbia's Bylaw adjudication process set to change departments in the fall

A provincial program which the City of Prince Rupert is set to join towards bylaw enforcement is about to see a change in oversight, with the province looking to bring the adjudication process into one office.

In some information sharing from the UBCM, it was noted last week, that the Bylaw Adjudication Program which currently was a shared responsibility with the Court Services Branch is to be absorbed completely by the Ministry of Attorney General's Tribunals, Transformation and Independent officers division.

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The transition period for the province starts now and will be completed by October 3rd.

The City of Prince Rupert announced its plans to enrol in the program in July as part of Council's move towards stronger enforcement when it comes bylaws, particularly those issued on parking issues.

The current voluntary payment program which was outlined as part of a presentation on the city's Parking strategy, noted that the City has seen only about twenty five percent of those issued tickets making the payment. 

The other 75 percent of those issued a notice of parking violation, taking note of the word 'voluntary' and no doubt saying thanks we'll pass on this one.

Once accepted into the provincial process for adjudication, the City will have a stronger option towards collecting on infraction fees and securing a bit more community adherence to the bylaws in place.

City Council moved that application ahead as part of their August Council session.

More notes on City Council themes can be explored through our archive page.

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