Thursday, August 25, 2022

City of Prince Rupert releases list of proposed Permissive Property Tax Exemptions for 2023

The annual release of those properties that the City has determined qualify for Permissive Property Tax Exemptions was published this week, with the City of Prince Rupert delivering the news through a notice on Tuesday on the City website, as well as their Social Media page. 

The list for this year was assembled after a public notice calling for applications was published in July.

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The vast majority of the proposed exemptions if adopted by Council are in the hundreds or low thousands of dollars, however there are some larger exemptions of note.

Houses of Worship could qualify for five years of exemptions, while all others are noted as on a year to year exemption table.

Those over the 10,000 dollar value include:

Prince Rupert Performing Arts Centre Society -- $135,547.81
Museum of Northern British Columbia -- $43,090.13
Jim Pattison Ltd. (Canficso Municipal Boat Launch and building  -- $26,880.88
Prince Rupert Golf Club -- $24,404.20
Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert -- $20,150.18
Cedar Village Housing Society -- $15,702.54
Cultural Dance Centre and Carving House -- $13,720.69
BC Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -- $13,294.72
Prince Rupert Curling Club -- $12,577.29
Prince Rupert Indigenous Housing Society -- $10,274.94

The City estimates that the annual exemption for future years is expected to be approximately the same as the 2023 exemption for all properties. 

Should you have questions on this years exemptions listings, you are invited to contact the Chief Financial Officer, Corinne Bomben at 250-627-0935

Council will approve the list for 2023 at a future public session. 

The notification for 2023 exemptions also offered the City the opportunity to make use of their new notification system, which was recently approved by City Council.

Towards that, the notice was posted to the City of Prince Rupert Social media stream, one of the elements that the city will now make use of to provide vital information for residents.

As noted in the City's message, he City website version offers a larger print option of the Progressive Property Tax Exemptions list for review, access it here.

More notes on financial themes from the City can be reviewed through our archive page here.


  1. I am unable to see Facebook pages and I am not joining what is one to do. Public notices should be available to all.

    1. The notices are also published on the City of Prince Rupert Website, so you won't have to travel into the world of social media if you don't wish ... NCR