Friday, August 19, 2022

PRPA on the watch for European Green Crab invasion in North Coast waters

Among the top of the North Coast list of invasive species 
is the European Green Crab 
(Photo from Invasive Species BC)

A crab with a voracious appetite for many local water-life including clams, oysters mussels, small fish and juvenile crabs is on the march in North Coast waters and the Prince Rupert Port Authority is taking some measures to try to reverse the momentum.

In an update on their work posted to their social media feed this week, the PRPA outlined the scope of the problem and the working on monitoring the invasive species that they have in place in five locations.

Part of the PRPA monitoring program for the European
Green crab in North Coast waters
(photo from PRPA)

As part of the awareness for the public that may be out harvesting their own sea life, the Port notes of the need to separate the European version from the local stock and to advise DFO immediately.

If you believe you have pulled up an EGC in your recreational crab traps, do NOT kill it and do NOT release it; contact Fisheries and Oceans Canada immediately.

The European Green Crab is one of two crabs to be among the 100 list of invasive species.

Some further background on the scourge of the European Green Crab can be found from the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

They note how some of the transit of the invasive crabs comes through ships hulls and ballast water from international vessels transiting through British Columbia waters.

Their information update provides a video tutorial from DFO on the topic of the European Green Crab.

More notes the PRPA'a work on marine sustainability and stewardship can be reviewed here.

Furter items of interest from the Port can be reviewed through our archive page.

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