Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Carving some art out of the forest on the city's west side

A forested area near the Totem Motel on Park Avenue
is showcasing some talented woodwork

You may only catch it out of the corner of an eye on a westbound journey down Park Avenue, but up around the wooded area of the Totem Lodge Motel is what seems to be the start of an outdoor art gallery, with a growing collection of wooden carvings taking shape just off to the side of the parking area.

The collection so far making for a unique feature for those who discover it, the completed works to date featuring a deer, owl and toadstools, though the promise of more seems in the works with additional trees seemingly set to join the exhibit space.

The work features some intricate cuts and faithful reproductions of the subject, something well worth stopping by to admire if you're on that side of the city.

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