Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Airport Operations resume following Tuesday flooding on Digby Island access road

Flooding on the Airport access road on Digby Island resulted in 
an Airport closure and cancellation of the daily Air Canada flight on Tuesday

Both the Prince Rupert Airport and the City of Prince Rupert have provided some further details on yesterday's airport closure owing to some challenges due to the atmospheric river of Monday and Tuesday.

As we outlined last night, the Air Canada flight to the city had been cancelled for Tuesday as a result of the flooding situation along the Digby Island Access road, with no access available to the Airport Terminal.

Today YPR officials took to the YPR Social Media stream with the update

The advisory through the YPR Facebook page, was the first use of that information sharing option since 2020 as things turned out. 

The City of Prince Rupert also posted a short advisory through their Social media stream this afternoon.

Both advisories provide for the barest of any details and  come more than 24 hours after the incident on the island.

Though the prospect of future information sharing from the airport through its social media page could be a welcome outcome of the situation that evolved on Tuesday.

The flooding came following an estimated 109 mm of rain fell over the Prince Rupert area on Monday evening/Tuesday morning.

More notes on aviation across the Northwest can be explored through our archive page.


  1. Culvert and drainage inspection is an important part of owning roadways.

  2. The next available flight out of PR is only available by travelling to Terrace on Sept 2nd…my guests were scheduled to fly out of PR on the 30th of August…it’s ending up costing roughly $1000 each for a one-way ticket from Terrace to Vancouver using Westjet. They had originally booked their return tickets using Aeroplan, so this was a huge added cost for them. Not to mention having to take extra unpaid days off work…
    They should have added a flight to compensate for the missed flight or flown into Terrace and bussed the passengers to and from Terrace.

  3. The city doesn't get the importance and cost to the public when the airport is unable to receive or enable takeoffs from YPR. With one flight a day during busy times it can take days to clear the backlog.

    Some of the flight cancelations are forced errors caused by
    either the YPR operations or the City of Prince Rupert. It would be nice to see a report to council on the cause of the road closure. I doubt if that will happen.