Friday, August 26, 2022

Survey period still open to share thoughts on proposed KSI Lisims LNG

The summer of consultation by the Nisga'a Lisims Government towards their proposed KSI Lisims LNG project continues towards the end of this month with an online survey still available for members of the Nation to participate in, as well as others in the region.

Through the summer Open Houses and other information sessions and opportunities have been offered to the membership to learn more about the project, which if approved would be located on the northern tip of Pearse Island at Wil Milit.

What the layout for the KSI LNG facility would look like
(From Nisga'a Nation information package)

Some background on that engagement can be reviewed here, along with a Question and Answer page that provides more information on the proposed development.

The Survey can be accessed here.

Among some of the themes included in the review: 

Questions on Harvesting and Cultural Activities, impact of the site chosen on Hunting, Fishing or Harvesting practices.

The survey examines fluency in the Nisga'a language, participation in past workshops and employment status, educational status and skills participants may have as well as any interest in employment on the project.

Perceptions of the project and how it may impact on community make for some of the boxes to check off as well as an area for further comments.

There is also a raffle for participants to enter a draw for if they wish

Should the project move forward, Environmental filings are proposed for 2023, with approval the project could start construction in 2024, with an eye on late 2027 or early 2028 for the start of operations.

The Full project review with the Provincial Government can be examined here.

Some of our past notes on the proposed development can be reviewed here.

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