Monday, August 22, 2022

Andy Chugh to seek Prince Rupert Council seat

Prince Rupert University student and local author Andy Chugh has 
announced his intention to run for City Council in the October election

There could be a new face among the six council members at City Hall come this fall, with a local university student, author and contributor to online forums set to make his step into the political scene.

Andy Chugh announced his plans to contest the City Council race with a social media introduction last week, providing a snap shot of his background towards his candidacy and a declaration of his hopes for the community should he gain the support of voters in October.

His candidacy outlines his enthusiastic support for the work of the current Council over the last two terms and his dedication to continue the foundation that they have put in place towards the future of the community.

While he brings some enthusiasm to the campaign, one question he touches on in his launch  however that may make for some of his early campaign conversation; is how he plans to embrace municipal politics, while at the same time  continuing forward with his studies as a full time university student.

Looking to shape the future of the community, with his introduction to the campaign, he moves from the role of a moderator on social media, to that of a newsmaker and should he find success that of an elected official.

As part of his campaign launch, Mr. Chugh has posted an introductory video through YouTube.

His entry into the Council race makes for the first actual indication of interest in the race, to date none of the incumbents, or any other potential newcomers have made public their thoughts on the 2022 campaign ahead.

You can learn more about Mr. Chugh's campaign from his Facebook page here.

To keep up to date on the current level of interest in the Civic elections for 2022, see our archive page here.

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  1. It's great to see young people like this running! I recall his involvement in the Chamber of Commerce, book writing, and the high school. Keep it up, Andy.