Monday, August 29, 2022

River Forecast Centre raises alerts towards oncoming weather system

Two Alerts are in place from the River Forecast Centre
as an atmospheric River arrives on the North and
Central coasts this evening

With the North and Central Coasts currently under a Heavy Rainfall Warning, the River Forecast Centre has issued a pair of advisories for the two regions.

Upgrading their previous notices to a Flood Watch for North Coast region and a High Streamflow Advisory for the Central Coast.

The update was issued at 3:15 this afternoon.

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So far the atmospheric river has not been as challenging as first indicated over the weekend, however, it's anticipated that the volume of rain will increase this evening and overnight. 

The most recent update from Environment Canada was issued at 3:36 PM and is in effect until 7:35 Tuesday morning.

Updates will be available through the Environment Canada Website.

More notes on weather can be accessed through our archive page.

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