Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Prince Rupert Council resolution for UBCM puts focus on housing concerns

When the City of Prince Rupert ravelling party arrives at Whistler next month for the annual UBCM convention, they will be looking for support for their sole resolution for the 2022 event.

Housing is the focus for Mayor Lee Brain and his Council, with the City's contribution to the debate one which will seek the required votes of the membership to Encourage safe and affordable housing

The concept for the City led resolution one which would provide tax exemptions from the rental of secondary suites as a measure to encourage the provision of safe and affordable housing.

The City of Prince Rupert proposal on Housing in BC.
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The Resolutions Committee made note of the unique nature of the City of Prince Rupert proposal as part of their documentation of the Submitted resolutions by municipal government leaders.

Observing how the UBCM membership has not previously considered a resolution asking the Province to provide tax exemptions for all income derived from the rental of secondary suites as a measure to encourage the provision of safe and affordable housing. 

Whistler is the destination for City Council members and senior
staff as the UBCM hosts its annual convention in mid September

The topic will come up for discussion as part of the Resolutions period of the five day convention in Whistler which takes place from September 12- 16.

City Council members and a collection of senior staff members are anticipated to make the trip to the Whistler Resort for the exchange of ideas and networking for the event which will be the first in person version since COVID sent everyone into a virtual world of conference attendance.

The theme of this years event was set in June and will see the gathering take place taking note of the "Value of One, Power of many"

More notes on the full list of resolutions can be reviewed here.

A wider overview of the UBCM Whistler event is available here.

Some of the City's past notes on Housing can be explored here.

While a look at other City Council themes is available here.


  1. Tax exemptions for all income derived from rental suites, to encourage safe and affordable housing?

    Rental property income is taxed as capital gains, 50% of the gains are already tax-free.

  2. It's a very strange position for the city council to take. Elsewhere there is so much discussion about making housing more affordable to own, while here the council wants to encourage other levels of government to forego tax revenue so that rental property owners can keep more of their profits while renters continue to rent. Is the city going to forego property taxes on rental properties in order to further their objective of entrenching a two class society? Hopefully some new people will be elected, this bunch is really out of touch.

  3. Since 2014, the city of Prince Rupert has sponsored a total of ten resolutions. The above is the first submission since 2018.

    Vernon submitted a similar resolution in 2015 (Tax Incentives Affordable Housing).

    This just goes to show you that our progressive cohort at City Hall is well behind the curve on housing.