Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Traffic light repairs for McBride and Fifth have City urging residents to avoid intersection

The Fifth Street traffic lights at McBride will be out of commission for the
rest of today, with the City advising motorists avoid using Fifth for
access to McBride until repairs are complete

The summer of 2022's largest traffic headache has introduce one new element to the mix this morning, with the City of Prince Rupert advising those travelling along the McBride Street gauntlet from Third Avenue to Sixth Avenue of an issue with the traffic lights at Fifth.

An advisory was issued by the City on Tuesday morning that highlights the situation and offers up the advice for those who normally would use Fifth Street to avoid the intersection until the repairs are completed.

The City has also updated the progress on the long running road work, advising that they hope to have the key east-west intersection reopened within the next few weeks.

The message was relayed to motorists through the City's mobile app program and the City of Prince Rupert social media stream.

As we outlined on Monday, the McBride Street Project began in July as a required water line repair and has since morphed into a much larger infrastructure project.

Update: On August 24th the City of Prince Rupert closed off the stretch of Fifth From McBride to Dunsmuir with the closure in place seemingly until the work is complete.

You can review some of the past notes on the work from our Civic Operations Archive page.

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