Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Completion of Woodworth Dam, update on McBride Street work frame Major Projects Review for Council

City of Prince Rupert Operations Director Richard Pucci (on the left)
provided an update on major projects on Monday evening

The City's Operations Director provided his monthly snapshot of the ongoing work on some of the City's major infrastructure projects at Monday's City Council session, with Richard Pucci delivering some long sought after confirmation that the Woodworth Dam is now considered 100 percent complete.

In his review, the Operations Director noted that the old Dam is now being demolished and that the process of refilling the Woodworth Lake reservoir is now underway, that task anticipated to be completed in September, though that is dependent on how the weather cooperates. 

"We are hoping for a schedule of September 27th to be able to flip the switch to get onto the new water, however that's obviously up to the weather to see if we can get the reservoir bounced back by then, but we are aiming for a schedule of September 27th"-- Operations Director Richard Pucci

Once the reservoir is back in operation the City has plans to return the community to its primary source of water supply.

From the longest running project to the newest challenge saw Mr. Pucci update the work currently underway on McBride Street, which began with work on a water leak near Fourth Street and has expanded significantly in the last few months.

That work according to the Operations Director is now 80 percent complete, with all of the underground utilities work to be completed by the end of this week.

Preparations then move forward towards sidewalks, curbs and other elements with the city hoping to have the roadway reopened for traffic within three and half weeks, a timetable on paving plans wasn't part of the briefing other than a note of some delays for the city to address with the contractors.

"Paving has to be done in two lifts, and we need to do all new traffic loops associated with this so we have a little bit of contractor delay that we have to deal with there. But we are hoping to have that back opened between two point five and three weeks." -- Operations Director Richard Pucci

The full report (available from page 17 of the City Council Agenda package) also provided the status of the other projects underway.

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The Council members had no questions to ask of the Operations Director from his presentation

You can review Mr. Pucci's presentation to Council from the City's Video Archive, starting at the 7 minute mark.

A wider overview of the Monday Council Session is available from our Council Timeline Feature.

Some background on the work of the Operations Department can be reviewed here.

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  1. The scope of work for the Woodworth Dam included the removal of the old dam. For a project to be a 100% complete it should include all aspects of the project complete with contractor demobilization from site.
    The city is feeding use the rose colored glasses view.