Thursday, November 25, 2021

Meet you at 'Eat Street Square'

The site of the city's Eat Street Square project, which will see Food Trucks 
set up as feature for the western edge of the downtown core

When it comes to the many closed door sessions and council workshops of the last few years, our municipal leaders have apparently been in the Council kitchen cooking up an Epicurean banquet for locals and visitors for the near future. 

With the City of Prince Rupert's Operations Director sharing word and a sneak preview of a new municipal initiative at Monday's Council session.

As part of his review of the City's Major projects at Monday's Council meeting, Richard Pucci made the first mention of something that is going to be called the Eat Street Square Project,  which will seemingly feature a gathering of food trucks on the lot that now hosts the City's still to be opened public washroom facility the Urbaloo.

Our notes on the progress of the urban washroom project can be reviewed here.

The location at the corner of Seventh Street and First Avenue West, set to be the Gastronomic focal point for some urban redevelopment at the western fringe of the downtown core.

The corner of Seventh Street and Third West is the spot chose
for the City's Eat Street Square project

The Director of Operations didn't have a lot of information to share on the project, nor a timeline on when the first food truck will dish out some food, but he did offer up a glimpse of what the plans are moving forward from the Monday session.

"The Eat Street Square, that is where there is a new Ubraloo washroom and we're going to be having some new food trucks that will be permanently housed there. We've had site delays obviously due to the storms and also some found fuel tanks that were on site We are just finishing up the ground prep to allow for that to be completed and to get some food trucks there so that we can have a great little vending spot"

None of the members of City Council had comment or explored the prospect of Eat Street Square further with Mr. Pucci as part of Monday's session. 

So some of the back story to the plans is still a bit of a mystery, awaiting a great unveiling at some point in the future it would seem.

You can check in on Mr. Pucci's wider overview of the Major Projects from the City's Video archive starting at the two and half minute mark of the Monday Council Session.

More items of note from the Council Session can be reviewed from our Council Timeline Feature.

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  1. I can see local brick and mortar restaurants looking on with interest to see what types of operating costs and property taxes are assigned to the food trucks who set up shop there.

    All in all though it is a good initiative, but it will be a long gentrification process for that corner.

  2. In some communities the food trucks are a tourist draw. The choice of this location is strange. Is this an area of Prince Rupert the city wants to showcase?

  3. It’s quite irritating to see all these things pop up without any discussion. It’s like council and city hall think only they have good ideas and only they know what’s best for the City.