Tuesday, November 30, 2021

City to explore 'options' on peat and hog fuel resources on city owned land

It's been the topic of a few Council sessions in the last year or so, just what to do about all that peat and stockpiles of hogfuel on city owned lands.

The issue of accessing that land that consists of muskeg and other factors that have provided challenges for development was part of the City's list of Housing actions for approval in June of this year.

The role that muskeg and such has had in those housing challenges has been a topic raised frequently by City Councillor Wade Niesh, who has often noted of the vast amount of city land that could be available once those elements were removed as an obstacle.

With this latest Request for Expressions of Interest to the BC Bid site, the City of Prince Rupert appears ready to turn an impediment for land development into a resource development option.

The request for Proposal was posted to the BC Bid website on Monday and outlines the city's focus for the potential harvesting of the resources.

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The Peat Moss locations are identified by two maps included in the Bid Package from the City.

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The Hog Fuel component of the city's plans are found on the Watson Intermodal Trade and Logistics Park.

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Some of the background and the city's conditions related to the harvesting of the resource are outlined in the Bid documentation as well.

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City Manager Robert Buchan is handling the file for the City, with a Closing date for any expressions of interest on the Peat and Hogfuel Harvesting plans set for 2PM on January 31st.

You can review the full documentation package from the City from the BC Bid Website.

For more notes on past City of Prince Rupert Requests for Bids and Expressions of interest see our archive page here.

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