Monday, June 28, 2021

Recent Council Workshop on Housing delivers Action list for approval tonight

The next stage of Prince Rupert City Council's renewed focus on housing in the community will be outlined tonight, as the Council members receive a report from the contract planners at iPlan that provide the narrative that has come out of a recent housing workshop at City Hall.

The report from Chris Buchan notes of the housing supply challenge in the community, the lack of a local development industry, as well as some of the past efforts of Council to address the issue.

Towards that theme, Mr. Buchan points to the development of the City's interim Housing Strategy, amendments to bylaws towards secondary suites and the prospect of housing development in the Silversides area.

The City's workshop session also delivered a list of Fifteen Housing Actions that Council will work to implement in the months ahead as part of their answer to the housing challenges in the community.

The Council members will have an opportunity to expand on the topic following receipt of the report at tonight's session.

For more notes on what is ahead at Council tonight see our Preview page here.

A look back at the range of housing issues in the community can be found from our archive page here.

A wider overview of past Council discussion themes is available here.

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