Wednesday, June 9, 2021

CityWest joins the many voices calling for action following Kamloops Residential School graves discovery

Prince Rupert's CityWest, the city owned communication company that serves many communities across the Northwest has added its voice in a call to acknowledge the tragedy of the Residential Schools and to find a path towards healing.

The communication company provided its comments through an Open Letter posted to the CityWest website on June 1st.

The correspondence one which noted of the many relationships that the company has with Indigenous communities and people, including many within their own staff positions.

“We have relationships with many Indigenous people in our offices, in our service areas, and across the province, and we are mindful that this horrible discovery is taking an emotional toll on everyone. We encourage all levels of government and Canadians from all backgrounds to acknowledge the pain of this tragedy and create a space for healing, so we can move forward together.” -- Stefan Woloszyn, CEO of CityWest. 

The full text of the CityWest correspondence can be reviewed here.

CityWest is among a number of groups and organizations in the city and across the Northwest to make similar calls to action, as we noted earlier this week, the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce recently outlined its own initiatives towards reconciliation, the local plans building on a province wide initiative from the BC Chamber.

More notes on how the North Coast and Northwest have followed the Kamloops graves discovery can be found from our archive page here.

Further notes on the Commercial Sector can be explored here.

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  1. The Chamber's recently announced initiatives towards reconciliation are pretty much in line the TRC's Calls to Action to the corporate sector (#92). Citywest's no doubt heartfelt comments however are lacking in details as to what specifically Citywest will do, e.g. ensure equitable access to jobs and training, educating management and staff, seek prior consent before commencing projects involving lands.