Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sunday Heat set new record for Prince Rupert, but Heat Wave set to break for North Coast

The Weather Network map highlights some of the extreme
heat conditions found in British Columbia on Monday

With fans at full blast and shady spots getting congested Prince Rupert residents noted the heat of the first significant stretch of extreme summer weather for there region, with Sunday's temperature of 30 degrees smashing through the barrier of the past.

The new benchmark for heat in Prince Rupert was recorded in the city mid afternoon, the last record dating back to 2013 and a relatively comfortable 24 degrees on the day eight years ago.

Monday followed with another scorching day, a hazy and humid one, but a day that did not quite reach the lofty heights of the bubbling mercury of Sunday.

Some lingering haze can be seen along the Mount Hays Range
this morning, but it seems that the worst of this heat wave
is behind us in Prince Rupert

The prospect for more record breaking seems on the decline for the North Coast, with cooling temperatures noticeable today, with the daily highs returning to more normal values.

Conditions remain extreme for the Skeena Valley and Bulkley Valley, with a Heat Warning remaining in place for many communities along the Highway sixteen corridor.

Terrace, Kitimat, Stewart

Bulkley Valley, Lakes District

British Columbia's heatwave is the talk of the nation, with much attention focused on the new benchmarks of the record books that have been set over the last 48 hours.

More notes on the weather can be explored from our archive page


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