Friday, June 25, 2021

Prince Rupert among many world ports observing the Day of the Seafarer


Without the global shipping industry and those who sail the seas as part of it, the trade between nations and exchange of cultures that comes with it would have few avenues to follow, with the International maritime industry playing a key element towards bringing a wide world together.

Today in Prince Rupert, as it has been in many other port communities around the world, the day has been put aside to pay tribute to those that ensure that the links of trade transit safely from continent to continent,  with a salute to those in the industry all part of the Day of the Seafarer.

Locally, the Prince Rupert Port Authority and its partners have been hosting Seafarers at the Cruise ship dock, with a recreation tent and activities in place for those coming ashore for a brief respite from the day to day activities of their profession.

The annual event is one that the Port puts some of its best efforts towards, with the Prince Rupert Gateway   one which values the contribution of those that work the vessels that transit from the North Coast to global destinations.

This year, with COVID still very much a concerning issue, the vessels in port provided for a symphony of sound over the noon hour, as part of an initiative to raise awareness of the need for a COVID-19 vaccination program for mariners, a collective that far too often over the last year have been a forgotten group at times.

As part of the observance of the day, Canada's Transport Minister Omar Alghabra provided for the federal greeting to Seafarers today.

You can follow some of the day's events from the twitter feed #DayoftheSeafarer

For any notes on how the Prince Rupert Port Authority observed the day, follow the port's Social media streams of Facebook and twitter

Further items of interest on the shipping industry on the North Coast can be explored through our Port archive page.

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